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[ale] questions

Well, they'd already switched to DNF in Fedora when Seth Vidal died. Here's an article about the switch from July 2: 


And the article you linked to says he was killed July 7. The above link goes into the reasons for the change. I'd rather they keep the name yum and just make it a major version release, but maybe there are enough differences that's not desirable. 


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On 10/18/16 9:40 PM, Sean wrote: 
> I just finished installing Libre Office and am left with two questions: 
> 1. Why did Fedora/Red Hat decide to change yum to dnf? I am used to seeing 
> "dnf" in the agate results of a car race, where it means "Did Not Finish." 

Apparently the developer of Yum died in an accident. It was decided to 
create DNF instead of continue with Yum. Don't get too comfortable, 
Flatpak is coming!! 


> 2. After installing or updating a package I always run yum (now dnf) clean 
> all. On this new Fedora 24 install the routine always returns "52 files 
> removed." It seems really odd to me that regardless of how much or how little 
> has been downloaded and installed, <clean all> always removes the same number 
> of files. Any clues on what might actually be going on here? 

Best guess: These are just manifest files that contain lists of 
packages. This isn't a count of the actual number of packages upgraded. 


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