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[ale] Small Clusters for VMs

Ovirt. It glues a flock of manual run stuff into s Long Black Veil

Supports local physical host drives, SAN/NAS storage, gluster,

Even supports ovirt manager on a vm.

Easiest install is on centos/fedora.

On Oct 28, 2016 10:20 AM, "DJ-Pfulio" <DJPfulio at jdpfu.com> wrote:

> I'm a little behind the times.  Looking to run a small cluster of VM
> hosts, just 2-5 physical nodes.
> Reading implies it is pretty easy with 2-5 nodes using a mix of
> sheepdog, corosync and pacemaker running on qemu-kvm VM hosts.
> Is that true?  Any advice from people who've done this already?
> So, is this where you'd start for small home/biz redundant VM cluster?
> I've never done clustering on Linux, just Unix with those expensive
> commercial tools and that was many years ago.
> In related news - Fry's has a Core i3-6100 CPU for $88 today with their
> emailed codes.  That CPU is almost 2x faster than a first gen Core
> i5-750 desktop CPU. Clustering for data redundancy at home really is
> possible with just 2 desktop systems these days. This can be used with
> or without RAID (any sort).
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