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[ale] Debian/Ubuntu/Mint install

My advice:

If you are interested in running Ubuntu, post the issue to the Ubuntu Forums.
Oldfred there should jump in fairly quickly if you provide normal data. I
wouldn't mention Mint at all. Some of the forum helpers won't respond to Mint
questions (they don't run it). If you do want Mint - post in the mint forums for
their help.

Running and posting the output from THE boot-info script
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Info would shortcut most questions.  Boot
off a live-CD/liveUSB version to run that script. It is appreciated when you
just post the URL to the data that gets generated, not the data itself.
Also the MB and BIOS involved would be helpful. Ah - a laptop - post the exact
model with sufficient detail that full specs can be found. A search of that
laptop model and "ubuntu install" might find the trick to make it work, if there
is one.

Ubuntu DOES work with UEFI and Secureboot. Whether it works with this HW, is a
different question.  Some Lenovo and HP stuff is ugly, non-standard.

Be very clear that you only want Ubuntu on the system. That will remove lots of
"help" and confusion. I wouldn't mention win10 at all, beyond saying you wiped it.

There is a UEFI how-to ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI

On 10/09/2016 08:01 PM, kilpatms at comcast.net wrote:
> That's that I did -- and now I have a brick!
> Apparently I am caught in some sort of diabolical hell caused by EFI and Secure Boot.
> The BIOS software doesn't have a usable manual and the Ubuntu install program seems to believe (wrongly) that it plays nicely with this crap. It even requires me to set up a partition just for EFI!
> I'm still fighting this.  Has anyone here recently installed a current Debian OS on a computer damned with a UFI/Secure Boot BIOS?