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[ale] Debian/Ubuntu/Mint install

I have been in the Red Hat/Fedora camp since I moved to Linux more than 15 years ago.
BUT . . .

Now I am trying to install either Ubuntu or Mint on a new laptop -- that comes with Windoze 10 already installed.  I will be using this laptop when I am travelling so it will not be asked to any heavy lifting.
I am having problems with the stock Ubuntu/Mint install routine.  It claims to allow for dual booting, but I can't figure out how to make that happen. I never get the option.

So . . . I have decided to just hose the Win10 install and format the entire 1 TB HD for Linux.

First I tried to do the install in "compatibility mode" but that left me with a prompt in the upper left-hand corner (not blinking) and an unresponsive keyboard and mouse.  So then I tried the other install option and worked my way down to the point of setting up a partition table.  I could not figure out how to force my standard partition: /boot; /home; swap; and /. So I am about to give up and just let the installer do its thing.

That gets me to my question:

What is it going to do?  The installer gives me these options:

" Where would you like to install Ubuntu?

1.  Guided - use the entire disk
2.  Guided - use the entire disk  and set up LVM
3.  Guided - use the entire disk and set up encrypted LVM
4.  Manual"

(The manual option allows me to use the existing partitions (various Win partitions and the ~500 GB I was able to force Windoze to give up but no instructions on how to redo the partition table.)

If I elect one of the "guided" options the "next" button reads "Install Now."  I am a bit hesitant about continuing without having a clearer understanding of what, exactly, is going to happen.

Guidance on the "Guided" options would be appreciated.