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[ale] Tomcat Monitoring

> From: "DJ-Pfulio" <DJPfulio at jdpfu.com>
> To: ale at ale.org
> Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 7:13:47 PM
> Subject: Re: [ale] Tomcat Monitoring

> However, be certain to get them to disable the Xfinity wifi crap. I
> watched the tech do it and the following day it was back on. Seems we
> have to call and complain a few times until they alter the router setup
> at their end to really disabled it.

The biz tech replaced my supplied modem with theirs today. She knew her cable, but not layer 2 vs layer 3 and my issue with this new modem is that it is layer 3 type device. My original modem was just a "bridge". She told me to turn on "bridge" mode all I needed to do was disable DHCP and turn off firewall. No, not really. What I did was assign my router a static on address that this modem is on and configure that static address for DMZ. 

Is this good enough to give me the benefits of layer 2 or should I just replace it with my own and send it back? 

With that DMZ it should just be DNAT/SNAT for everything on the public. Double NAT issues should not really cause a problem. I do something similar when I assign a lab device a public IP from my private net. On a system at Peak 10 I alias another public on its eth0. I run openvpn on the device with the 10.8.1.X subnet and then use DNAT/SNAT to "assign" that public to the device. 
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