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[ale] Tomcat Monitoring

When my Comcast Biz was down so often, wrote a few tiny ping scripts to
keep track - facts shuts up CSRs pretty quickly trying to blame anything
else, but their service. I offered to send them logs. They declined and
rolled a truck. Current:

$ internet-up-summary.sh
 Period 20161002-064411  - 20161004-191211
  Total Time: 3630 (min) 60.50 (hrs)
  Percent Up Time: 99.94 %
  Percent Down Time: 0.06 %
  Total Down Time: 2 min or 0.03 hrs
 Currently: UP

Been pretty great service since they fixed it in July, but not 100%.
Keeping 12 weeks of log files - gotta love logrotate.

However, be certain to get them to disable the Xfinity wifi crap. I
watched the tech do it and the following day it was back on. Seems we
have to call and complain a few times until they alter the router setup
at their end to really disabled it.

On 10/04/2016 05:54 PM, Chris Fowler wrote:
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>     *Subject: *[ale]  Tomcat Monitoring
>     Guys,
>     I got a couple of Tomcat Apps that when Jenkins does a build the app
>     stop responding.
>     I can't use tcp port monitor with Nagios, because tomcat is up.
>     So is there a way to monitor an app with Nagios, that is the pages
>     stop responding. I can get an alert, if I have to write my own jsp
>     page to monitor.
> Bit behind here.  My Xfinity Business is down and I had to link my
> router to the Xfinity AP on my neighbor's modem.
> 1.  Define "down".  To some ICMP reply is up.  To others it is not.
>  Down/Up is an abstract idea that can be very different per application.
> 2.  You can write a nagios plugin that can go to the web page, grok for
> some text you'd expect and alarm if it gets a 500 or the code it not there.
> 3.  I had a user problem when my GUI devs did an update.  Their update
> would take a minute, but some users would see that when the page
> refreshed.  They'd contact us.  I instructed my developers to give the
> user an "under maintenance page" with a 5 minute countdown to refresh.
>  This ended those calls.
> 4.  Log all exceptions, etc to a file and look at those as needed.
>  You're probably already doing this.
> Your concern is correct. Just because the app engine is up does not mean
> the app is working.
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