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[ale] Source for flat-panel displays for a school

> From: "Vernard Martin" <vernard at gmail.com>
> To: "Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts" <ale at ale.org>
> Sent: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 9:04:47 AM
> Subject: [ale] Source for flat-panel displays for a school

> An acquaintance of mine that runs a small private school has recently given the
> opportunity to acquire 59 computers from the Social Security Administration but
> no monitors. I'm not sure that they have an OS currently loaded on them and I
> am, of course, strongly suggesting that she go with an open source Linux-based
> solution either way. However, their immediate needs are a supply of flat-panel
> monitors or the units aren't very useful.

> They are based in the Atlanta area. Since I'm no longer living in Atlanta, I'm
> doing all this remotely. Its a challenge as you can imagine :) Does anyone have
> any suggestions on where I can call around looking for donations? And barring
> that, does anyone know where I can purchase around 60 refurbish monitors in
> bulk? I figure 14" 1024x768 would be the low-end units that would work,
> especially if they are being donated. Anything less just might not be worth it
> in the long run.

If you run out of luck maybe among us we have enough? Downside is mix and match. Somehow I collected more than I need. Maybe I just bought new and moved the old to my garage. 
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