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[ale] Source for flat-panel displays for a school

An acquaintance of mine that runs a small private school has recently given
the opportunity to acquire 59 computers from the Social Security
Administration but no monitors. I'm not sure that they have an OS currently
loaded on them and I am, of course, strongly suggesting that she go with an
open source Linux-based solution either way. However, their immediate needs
are a supply of flat-panel monitors or the units aren't very useful.

They are based in the Atlanta area. Since I'm no longer living in Atlanta,
I'm doing all this remotely. Its a challenge as you can imagine :) Does
anyone have any suggestions on where I can call around looking for
donations? And barring that, does anyone know where I can purchase around
60 refurbish monitors in bulk? I figure 14" 1024x768 would be the low-end
units that would work, especially if they are being donated. Anything less
just might not be worth it in the long run.

Any leads would be appreciated.

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