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[ale] WAY OT: Remembering a book

On Tue, 2013-04-30 at 13:57 -0400, Jim Kinney wrote:
> Asimov foundation trilogy.

> Its been expanded to 6 books.

Well, sort of.

He fused a lot of them into an entire history of the Foundation
Universe, all the way from the "Robot Novels" and "I Robot" (and
possibly "The Positronic Man") through "The Currents of Space" and the
"Empire Series" to "Prelude to Foundation" and "Forward the Foundation"
as prequels into the original trilogy and then continuing on after the
Trilogy ended with "Foundation and Earth" where we end with Daneel, one
of the robots from the Robot Novels who has been manipulating human
history for thousands of years (I hope I'm not providing a spoiler).

It's not clear if he tied Nemesis into the whole Empire and Foundation
series.  In the author's forward, he says that Nemesis "is not part of
the Foundation Series, the Robot Series, of the Empire Series.  It
stands independently."  But, then he goes on to write "Of course, I
might someday write another novel tying this one into the
others..." (which is what he did to merge the other series together).
It's not clear to me if Nemesis is part of the Foundation Universe or

That's not including "Foundations Triumph" by David Brin, "Foundation
and Chaos" by Greg Bear, and "Foundation's Fear" by Gregory Benford, the
"Second Foundation Trilogy" authorized by Asimov's estate.  You could
say it's been expanded way beyond the 6 books of the "Foundation Series"

Wikipedia has a decent article on the Foundation Series and timeline


"If all works are included, in total, there are fourteen novels and
dozens of short stories written by Asimov, and seven novels written by
other authors after his death, expanding the time spanned in the
original trilogy (roughly 550 years) by more than twenty thousand

Wikipedia mentions that "Nemesis" is considered by some to be part of
the series (/me raises hand) but it's not clear to me if and where there
are hard tie-ins to other books in the series.  It may be just a loose


> On Apr 30, 2013 1:48 PM, "Robert L. Harris" <robert.l.harris at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Ever try to think of a book you read 20+ years ago that you can't remember
> > the author or title?
> >
> > For a couple weeks I've been trying to remember the name/title of a book I
> > must have read in college or high school.  It was about a society that
> > split in two, one high tech and one low tech concerned with the mind.  The
> > low tech disappeared and they left a hint (I believe) they could be found
> > at the other end of the universe.
> >
> > Not sure why I want to find it but I can't get the bloody thing out of my
> > head until I find it.
> >
> > Robert
> >
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