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[ale] WAY OT: Remembering a book

Ever try to think of a book you read 20+ years ago that you can't remember
the author or title?

For a couple weeks I've been trying to remember the name/title of a book I
must have read in college or high school.  It was about a society that
split in two, one high tech and one low tech concerned with the mind.  The
low tech disappeared and they left a hint (I believe) they could be found
at the other end of the universe.

Not sure why I want to find it but I can't get the bloody thing out of my
head until I find it.


Robert L. Harris

      These are MY OPINIONS             With Dreams To Be A King,
       ALONE.  I speak for                      First One Should Be A Man
       no-one else.                                     - Manowar
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