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[ale] screen saver eats 15 - 30 watts

On 04/02/2013 02:23 PM, Jim Kinney wrote:
> I miss _REAL_ power switches. You know - when off meant OFF.

I don't miss them... every PSU I purchase has one right on it! :-)

While I get what you're saying, on a more serious note, it is really
nice that we can do thing like shut down computers at the end of a day
and have them automatically startup and be ready for work the next
morning. I used to always keep all systems on all the time so that they
were accessible. Hell, these days, if a system I powered off needs to be
turned on, I don't even need to be in the same room as it?I just send a
WOL command over the network, wait 45 seconds, et voil?, I can do what I
need and even shut the thing down remotely.

I would seriously miss that functionality if it disappeared off the face
of the planet.

? Mike

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Naunet Corporation

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