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[ale] screen saver eats 15 - 30 watts

Hi all,

I've been monitoring my desktop computer that I mentioned in the litecoin thread.  I have a great little device attached to the power cord called a kill-a-watt ez, which you can buy at Home Depot.  This device tabulates both instantaneous power consumption (every second) and long term power consumption over a period of time, as well as cost to operate whatever is plugged into it.

At any given time, the numbers vary quite a bit, but you can get a sense of the average.

When I came in, this morning, I noticed the numbers were higher than they typically were in its steady state mode.  I did some testing and found that the screen saver was consuming 15 - 30 W.  I should note that there is 100 W difference in power consumption between idling my CPU and maxing it out.  So, the screen saver is apparently taxing the cpu and gpu a bit.

At $ .097 / kwh, it costs $ 7 / mo to run a 100 W (or .1 KW) load for 24 hours / day for 30 days.

So, just running the screen saver is potentially costing me $ 2 / mo.  It's not going to break the bank, but there's no point in wasting that energy and money.  My monitors are LCD's, which are not susceptible to burn-in.  So, I don't care what the screen saver it doing.  It's more of a lock screen.

The screen saver I was using is mystify (windows).  It puts fancy curvy geometric lines on the screen which continually move and change.  It looks cool.  I changed it to a slowly moving line of text which shows the computer name.  This text is a solid color, and I turned off the "reflections" effect, which requires lots of 3d graphics computations.

My power consumption now actually drops by a couple of W when the screen saver is on.

So, if you have a fancy smancy 3d screen saver running on a big computer, or several big computers, maybe with multiple monitors, you might want to look at how much power it's consuming.

Just thought I'd pass this along.  Hope it's helpful.





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