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[ale] screen saver eats 15 - 30 watts

The power light is a mixed blessing. I only want the information it
provides for a few seconds at a time, a few times a week. The rest of the
time it is wasting a little bit of power and being very annoying when I'm
using the computer in the dark. I have tape over the power LEDs on most of
my devices for this reason. Otherwise my office and bedroom have enough
blue and green light to navigate by at night!

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 6:26 PM, Michael B. Trausch <mbt at naunetcorp.com>wrote:

> On 04/02/2013 04:47 PM, Brian Mathis wrote:
> > There's really no need to use screen savers anymore.  Set the power
> > settings to turn off the display.  Maybe you want to give a minute
> > between a blank screensaver and the power off, just in case you're
> > sitting there and want to hit the mouse or something.  If you want to
> > know if the system is on or not, look at the Num Lock light.
> The power light works pretty well, too...
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