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[ale] Trying to Install a Realtek NIC Driver on Fedora 13

On 06/29/2010 09:45 PM, Marc Ferguson wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've posted sporadically, but if anyone is following I can't get Fedora
> 13 x86_64 Live to work properly with my video card. Luckily; i686 works.
> So; now I'm working on getting my NIC recognized so I can finally
> install it and move on!
> I downloaded the drivers for a Realtek RTL8111B on-board NIC. Someone
> actually started a Google Code for it. [1] I went through the readme
> file and it simply stated to run "./autorun.sh" as root. So; I did that
> and I got some errors. I worked through them, but still ran into some
> errors and at the end of it it never created the *.ko file that I need.
> I posted on their Google Code page for some help [2], so I'm hoping
> someone will answer. The project looks very new.

I think the google code project is just hosts a copy of the driver 
produced by realtek.

It looks like you've done your homework, but maybe these pages will be 


All the best,
Brian Pitts