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[ale] Trying to Install a Realtek NIC Driver on Fedora 13

On 06/29/2010 09:45 PM, Marc Ferguson wrote:
> And that's where you fine folks come into play. The details of my issue
> is on their site, but I don't think I understand how the Makefiles and
> autorun.sh files play together. There seems to be a Makefile in the root
> directory and another one in the "src" directory. The one in root is
> being executed (I think), but it's not creating the 3 simple directories
> it's supposed to create. The error I'm getting makes me believe that the
> second Makefile isn't be executed at all. Can someone shed some light on
> this issue? Thanks.

A few things based on your comment on google code.

First, the '-C' argument to 'make' means "change to this directory 
before looking for the makefile or anything else". Based on your comment 
on google code, I think you misunderstood this to mean "create a directory"

Second, when you touch the ko file it goes away after you run autorun.sh 
  because 'make clean' completed successfully.

Third, the ko file isn't created because 'make modules' failed.

You my be saying "huh, make clean? make modules?" right about now, so 
lets walk through things.

I've extracted the archive to ~/r8168-8.018.00.

I see autorun.sh line 24 runs 'make all', which will run make using 

The 'all' target really makes three other targets. Each of these targets 
is simply a call to a target of another makefile, the one at 

In ~/r8168-8.018.00/src/Makefile you see the commands that are run for 
the 'clean' and 'install' targets. However, the 'modules' target runs 
make yet again with another makefile, /lib/modules/$(uname 

Almost certainly Jim's answer earlier answer is the right one. I can 
build the module without any trouble. You could try switching to the src 
directory , running 'make modules', and seeing what errors you get.

If you want to learn more about make, maybe this is a good starting place


All the best,
Brian Pitts