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[ale] Working with custom hardware/microcontrollers

Now this is an interesting list! Let's see where I fit.

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 03:49:23PM -0400, Richard Bronosky wrote:
> A few things, most of which I haven't completed:
> * blinky toys for the kids.


> * POV (persistance of vision) gadgets


> * PWM (pulse width modulation) circular LED array (police light with
> no moving parts)

Check. Christmas light controller.

> * time lapse video with digital camera


> * automatic modem and router power cycler when external server becomes unreachable

Nope, but a good idea. A watchdog.

> * home brewing automation (open/close valves, adjust flame, detect and
> prevent boil over, lower/raise sack of hops, time everything
> precisely, etc.)

Not a brewer. Excellent process control tasks.

> * DIY digital thermostat

Check. Worked for several years, finally fell apart. Still is better than
the $99 dohickey I replaced it with from the Home Depot.

> * DIY home security system

Check. It's tougher managing long wires with data than you think.

> * network attached IR blaster (for browser based or command line remote control)

I need one of these. Haven't done one yet. But LIRC using a serial port and
a long cable can serve the same purpose.

> * automatic home theater source switcher
> The possibilities are endless. My free time isn't.

You have free time? WOW! ;-)

Byron A. Jeff
Program Coordinator: IT/CS/CNET
College of Information and Mathematical Sciences
Clayton State University