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[ale] Working with custom hardware/microcontrollers

intro (and semi - pro as well) hacker part; arduino! has IO ports ans can do
cool stuff AND its programmable pretty easily.

On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Michael B. Trausch <mike at trausch.us> wrote:

> Hello,
> Recently, I have kind of gotten fascinated with the idea of doing more
> things that would involve hardware, both attached to a PC and controlled
> by microcontrollers.  However, I am also finding that it seems a bit
> difficult to find enough information to get a solid start in figuring
> out what I need to acquire to do things.  It probably doesn't help that
> I'm very much a software person and know very little about actual
> low-level electronics, which is what I would like to learn about.
> I'm wondering if anyone on here has been in that boat and knows of some
> decent resources to use to get started.  I know that I would eventually
> need a breadboard to play with things (though what do you do with a
> circuit after you've prototyped it on the breadboard and then want to
> use it in something?) and that I would need to find a decent amount of
> reading material and also buy collections of wires, resistors,
> capacitors, microcontrollers and all that jazz.  I just don't have a
> clue where to start.
> Many of the things that I would like to do can be done by purchasing
> something that someone else has made, more likely than not, and adapting
> it for my usage.  That's fine, but I actually want to learn about these
> things, and I have a few ideas for what I think might be somewhat small
> projects that would enable me to learn how to do things assuming I can
> find a base to start working with.
> Eventually I would like to have learned enough to do bigger things, such
> as creating custom self-sufficient hardware for various specific
> applications, though I don't have any clue where I would go about doing
> something like that.
> Oh, yeah, and here's something else that I don't have: real serial
> ports.  I do have a USB thing that has multiple serial ports coming off
> of it, but I don't know that I could program them in the same way as a
> "real" serial port.  Probably would be to my advantage to learn how to
> use USB as a communications mechanism for such hardware, wouldn't it?
>        --- Mike
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