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[ale] Working with custom hardware/microcontrollers

A few things, most of which I haven't completed:
* blinky toys for the kids.
* POV (persistance of vision) gadgets
* PWM (pulse width modulation) circular LED array (police light with
no moving parts)
* time lapse video with digital camera
* automatic modem and router power cycler when external server becomes
* home brewing automation (open/close valves, adjust flame, detect and
prevent boil over, lower/raise sack of hops, time everything
precisely, etc.)
* DIY digital thermostat
* DIY home security system
* network attached IR blaster (for browser based or command line remote control)
* automatic home theater source switcher

The possibilities are endless. My free time isn't.

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 5:24 AM, Paul Cartwright <ale at pcartwright.com> wrote:
> On Sun June 20 2010, Richard Bronosky wrote:
>> +1 on Arduino! I've had a lot of fun programming it via Linux and Mac.
>> I love that it is the FREE-est platform, has onboard USB, good FREE
>> software, and a vibrant community. I bought just about everything from
>> http://SparkFun.com
>> I hope this helps...
> so, what do you DO with it?
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