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[ale] Okular-PDF, was Re: Flash Video

On Sat June 19 2010, Scott Castaline wrote:
> I think I did try Kontact sometime back and found it to be slower than
> Thunderbird. Although I've noticed lately T'Bird seems to be getting a
> little sluggish and if I leave it selected to my inbox it causes the
> filters to not function properly. It maybe the size of the folders,
> maybe it's pruning time or archive time.

my inbox ( local folder, not IMAP) is not that large, only 4Mb. I have 
filters... lots & lots of filters 200+, so most of my folders aren't that 
BIG. Mostly jokes & stuff, and I sort by size, and sometimes just DEL those 
big jokes after a while. I use Tbird on my laptop, but I've walways used 
Kmail on my desktop. I've tried others, but keep coming back to kmail, 
because of the integration with calendar, and FEEDS.. I'm into RSS feeds.. 
that's how I get most of my news!

Paul Cartwright
Registered Linux user # 367800
Registered Ubuntu User #12459