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[ale] Okular-PDF, was Re: Flash Video

On Saturday 19 June 2010, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> my inbox ( local folder, not IMAP) is not that large, only 4Mb. I have
> filters... lots & lots of filters 200+, so most of my folders aren't
> that BIG. Mostly jokes & stuff, and I sort by size, and sometimes just
> DEL those big jokes after a while. I use Tbird on my laptop, but I've
> walways used Kmail on my desktop. I've tried others, but keep coming
> back to kmail, because of the integration with calendar, and FEEDS..
> I'm into RSS feeds.. that's how I get most of my news!

I prefer KMail not be integrated with other apps I seldom if ever use. Not 
into RSS and I still use Forte Agent for usenet, so I found Kontact a 
huge distraction and un-installed it.