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[ale] Okular-PDF, was Re: Flash Video

On Sat June 19 2010, Scott Castaline wrote:
> WOW, never mind, I just went ahead and installed both pkgs and it had to
> install about 7 other pkgs first but when it came up it printed without
> any glitch and just like Adobe. In fact the interface kind of reminded
> me of Adobe, but it definitely has more to it than Evince. Between this
> and K3B I'm almost tempted to switch to KDE and say bye-bye to gnome.

wait, I also run gnome desktop, but I LOVE ( and use) K3B & kontact. My WIFE 
uses the KDE desktop, I never switched her from it, so I have both gnome & 
KDE installed, but I run gdm, not kdm. Why switch from gnome?????

Paul Cartwright
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