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[ale] Linux Sound Programming

If you want a tool that can already do this (and just about
anything else you could conceivably want to do with an
audio signal), have a look at Csound:


Of course, it runs on Linux.

-- JK

On 6/10/2010 2:18 PM, Chris Fowler wrote:
> Anyone here do any sound programming in Linux using C?
> I have this project I would like to do but am not sure how feasible it
> is.  I've also never done any sound level type development.
> I would like to create a software based AF (Audio Frequency) filter.  My
> plan is to use a USB sound dongle I have and use the MIC port as the
> audio from the device.  I then want to filter out anything above 1000kHz
> and below 400khz and send the filtered audio back to the dongle, out the
> speaker jack, and then to the speaker.
> I've seen some examples where the audio is read from the mic but I've
> not seen any examples in regards to processing.  Once I get the C code
> base working I'm going to use the Qt IDE to create a Windows/Linux cross
> platform program with some nice knobs that allow the user to tweak the
> filter width.  There are two main settings.  Filter center and width.
> Anyone want to help?
> Chris
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