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[ale] Linux Sound Programming

Anyone here do any sound programming in Linux using C?

I have this project I would like to do but am not sure how feasible it
is.  I've also never done any sound level type development.

I would like to create a software based AF (Audio Frequency) filter.  My
plan is to use a USB sound dongle I have and use the MIC port as the
audio from the device.  I then want to filter out anything above 1000kHz
and below 400khz and send the filtered audio back to the dongle, out the
speaker jack, and then to the speaker.

I've seen some examples where the audio is read from the mic but I've
not seen any examples in regards to processing.  Once I get the C code
base working I'm going to use the Qt IDE to create a Windows/Linux cross
platform program with some nice knobs that allow the user to tweak the
filter width.  There are two main settings.  Filter center and width.  

Anyone want to help?