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[ale] chmod -R ?

chmod -R only works on directories, and it does EVERYTHING in the
named dir and all subdirs.  To do what you want you need find:

find . -name '*.txt' -exec chmod a-x {} \; -print

(leave the -print off if you don't care to see the filenames
being touched).

-- JK

On 6/10/2010 3:22 PM, jcpilman at gmail.com wrote:
> I recently changed my work laptop over to UBUNTU, Yea! All of the .txt
> files I copied over from XP and put in ~/Documents have execute
> permission for the owner. To change that, I tried:
> ~$ chmod -R a-x Documents/*.txt
> ~/Documents$ chmod -R a-x *.txt
> ~/Documents$ chmod -R a-x ./*.txt
> ~/Documents$ chmod -R u-x ./*.txt
> It fixes the permissions for the files in Documents, but it does not
> recurse into the lower Directories.
> I looked at the man pages, but haven't figured it out.  I also made
> sure I am the owner with chown.  All the files I copied were
> originally:
> nobody:nogroup.
> chown recursed the way I expected it on the first try.
> Can you see what I'm doing wrong?
> ...John
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