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[ale] weird error when updating Fedora 12

Brian Pitts wrote:
> On 06/04/2010 04:22 PM, Geoffrey wrote:
>> Just installed Fedora 12 in a VM and kept getting an error when I
>> attempted the gui update.  So I reverted to yum and now I see the
>> following error:
>> At least 12MB needed on the /boot filesystem.
>> The weird thing is, there's 16MB available in /boot.
>> No joy with Google.  Anyone seen this before?  Have a solution, other
>> then reinstall with a larger /boot?
> Maybe it uses that 16MB, notices it needs another 12MB, removes whatever 
> took up the 16MB, then alerts you?

Possibly, but after I made /boot just another directory, it worked. 
I'll have to look at the size of the directory to see if that is the case.


Until later, Geoffrey

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