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[ale] TFTP in ubuntu-9.04 -- a well-worn path

ALErs -

After a few tries I had 'tftpd' service running under 'xinetd' on my 
Ubuntu-9.04 system yesterday. I posted a somewhat puzzling note to ALE 
concerning firewall issues I thought I saw.

Still running this morning...

Then I accepted a set up updates without really thinking about it, which 
ultimately invoked a reboot which I duly approved.

I can no longer get 'tftp' service from my system, neither locally nor to 
outside clients, with or without the firewall running.

I used instructions such as those at: 
and similar sites to get going, but there must be some subtleties I missed.

The reason I suspect the update is that I couldn't find any file 
'/etc/xinetd.d/tftp' afterward, but I'm pretty sure I had set one up 

I ran 'netstat -l' and don't see anything listening on port 69.

How can I get this working?


  - Mills