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[ale] ReSolved: TFTP in ubuntu-9.04 -- a well-worn path

Paul -

Thanks - it was very useful to examine recent updates in detail.

I didn't see any explicit changes to tftpd, xinetd, or iptables: these 
were mainly updates of the Linux kernel binary, source, and headers. 
Something may have been hidden in the postinstall activities, but nothing 
stood out clearly.

HOWEVER when I went back over '/etc/xinted.conf' and '/etc/xinetd.d/tftp' 
I did notice a problem _I_ introduced somewhere in my thrhashing about: 
the TFTP service 'user' was still 'root'. I changed it to 'nobody' and was 
back in business. I still have no explanation why I had to reconstruct 
this file, but "any landing you walk away from is a good landing" (and one 
pilot friend says, "Any landing you can walk away from and still use the 
plane is an _excellent_ landing!").

Certain firewalls still seem unhappy to pass UDP on port 69, but I'm not 
sweating the small stuff just now.

I _sure_ hope this doesn't become a recurring event.

Thanks to all who replied: I learned more about my 'ubuntu' installation 
-- always worthwhile time invested.

  - Mills

On Sat, 5 Jun 2010, Paul Cartwright wrote:

> On Sat June 5 2010, Jim Kinney wrote:
>> In Fedora-land there's a log file /var/log/yum that tracks when and what on
>> updates. I'm sure Ubuntu has a similar log (I would be shocked if it
>> didn't).
> try /var/log/apt . here is a tail of mine ( update done this morning)
> paulandcilla:/var/log/apt# tail *.log