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[ale] ALE Mailing List Has Reawakened

On Tuesday 19 February 2008 08:10, Greg Freemyer wrote:
> Thanks for all the hard work to those that did it.
> And I see 2 aale ddresses in my reply all.  Are both valid?
> Greg

The ale at ale.org address is not currently valid, but may
return once we get ALL the services and DNS migrated
to the new box.  Right now only our mail is pointed there.

We will get the "reply" field set to point to the list address,
which is currently    ALE at mail.ale.org

Sorry for any inconvenience.  We were a little rushed
in configuring mailman.

ALSO BE INFORMED that the new box is, unfortunately,
exhibiting some stability issues, so the list may be up
and down a bit while we get this corrected.  It may be
a bumpy ride, but we'll get there come chaos or high

During the outage we also started a temporary / backup /
archival list at google groups:
If this is out for any period of time, folks can "re-group"

Again, Thanks for the patience.