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[ale] ALE Mailing List Has Reawakened

Hoping I don't jinx this with an official sounding announcement, but
we seem to be up and running again.  Sorry for the huge delays,
but the list failed in a big way and this forced us to rush into
our pending transitions to new admin and hosting arrangements.
Lots of members stepped up to help, but we had to wait on
several planets to align before we could re-launch the
mailman list.

As it stands now:

ALE has new admin team!  James Kinney and Michael Still
will be sharing the duties and backing each other up in
managing the ALE internet resources, along with yours
truly helping to keep the web site up to date. 
ALE has a new hosting sponsor!  Ed Landa has helped us
arrange and move our hosting to Xilogix.com. They are
providing bandwidth for our web site and mailing list at no
charge and we thank them sincerely for their generosity.
ALE has a new server!  Xilogix was also gracious in donating
a capable server for our basic web and mailing list needs.
They also provided everything we needed for easy remote
install of our preferred server distro. Once we had all the
arrangements confirmed, getting installed and operational
from a remote console was quite easy.

James Kinney was especially dedicated in getting the
new systems up and configured, but there are still a few
items on the check list.  However, the rest of the change
over should take place transparently.

With appreciation for everyone's patience, 
Aaron Ruscetta
ALE Admin Volunteer