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[ale] ALE Mailing List Has Reawakened

Thanks for all the hard work to those that did it.

And I see 2 aale ddresses in my reply all.  Are both valid?


On Feb 19, 2008 3:19 AM, aaron <aaron at pd.org> wrote:
> Hoping I don't jinx this with an official sounding announcement, but
> we seem to be up and running again.  Sorry for the huge delays,
> but the list failed in a big way and this forced us to rush into
> our pending transitions to new admin and hosting arrangements.
> Lots of members stepped up to help, but we had to wait on
> several planets to align before we could re-launch the
> mailman list.
> As it stands now:
> ALE has new admin team!  James Kinney and Michael Still
> will be sharing the duties and backing each other up in
> managing the ALE internet resources, along with yours
> truly helping to keep the web site up to date.
> .
> ALE has a new hosting sponsor!  Ed Landa has helped us
> arrange and move our hosting to Xilogix.com. They are
> providing bandwidth for our web site and mailing list at no
> charge and we thank them sincerely for their generosity.
> ALE has a new server!  Xilogix was also gracious in donating
> a capable server for our basic web and mailing list needs.
> They also provided everything we needed for easy remote
> install of our preferred server distro. Once we had all the
> arrangements confirmed, getting installed and operational
> from a remote console was quite easy.
> James Kinney was especially dedicated in getting the
> new systems up and configured, but there are still a few
> items on the check list.  However, the rest of the change
> over should take place transparently.
> With appreciation for everyone's patience,
> Aaron Ruscetta
> ALE Admin Volunteer
> _______________________________________________
> Ale mailing list
> Ale at ale.org
> http://mail.ale.org/mailman/listinfo/ale

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