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[ale] I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)

Courtney Thomas wrote:
>     BellSouth DSL modem         [RED]        is 192.168.1.x;    i.e.
> whatever Bellsouth dhcp assigns...

Your DSL shouldn't be assigning you a 192.168 address.  If it is, then
your DSL modem is already NATing and that means you are double-NATing.
Most things work just fine double NATed, some things fail miserably.

To do it "right" you need to set the DSL modem to bridge mode and turn
up PPPOE on your router/firewall.

> It is unclear to me what the NIC addresses should be

I am just guessing from this comment that you might have a pretty common
misunderstanding.  IP addresses are not assigned to machines, they are
assigned to network interfaces.  If a machine has 3 network interfaces,
it probably needs 3 addresses.

> What's wrong and how should I fix it  ?

I haven't been paying enough attention to answer that, but I'm guessing
you need an IP on each port of your firewall.


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