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[ale] I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)


Thanks for the suggestion, which I attempted to implement this PM, without success.

SmoothWall has recognized and loaded modules for all 3 NICs, so I assume they are ready to go:

Ethernet cables plugged into the NICs:

    BellSouth DSL modem         [RED]        is 192.168.1.x;    i.e. whatever Bellsouth dhcp assigns...

    Lan ethernet hub             [GREEN]        is;    no LAN members plugged in yet

    Linksys wireless router  [ORANGE]        is;    with ethernet cable plugged into the "internet' port rather than any of the ethernet ports (4)

DHCP Server is not enabled.

It is unclear to me what the NIC addresses should be and as a result, I guess, I am unable, from the SmoothWall box, to ping any internet site by numeric or resolvable address.

What's wrong and how should I fix it  ?



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  On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 7:13 AM, Geoffrey <lists at serioustechnology.com> wrote:

    > modem <------> wireless router <-------> hub <---------> SmoothWall ethernet
    > NIC [Green]
    >                                   ^
    >                                    |
    >                                    |
    >                                    v
    >                   SmoothWall NIC [Red]

    This makes no sense. I think the wrapping screwed up your diagram.  Just
    the same, I'd put the smoothie between the modem and the wireless router.

  Yes. The wrap moved NIC [Green] from the Smoothwall ethernet line.

  I recall smoothwall has a 3 NIC variant. I suggest adding a third NIC and put the wireless on that one. 

  modem -- [red] SW [green] -- internal LAN
                        wireless router WAN port

  Use SW capabilities for a DMZ to isolate the wireless off the LAN. Use a seperate IP space for dhcp on the wireless. 

  James P. Kinney III               


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