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[ale] I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)

Season's Greetings  !

My current dilemma is............

Accessing the web, I can NOW either have,
    a Smoothwall firewall box with NICs,
            a Windows box with a wireless card,
but not both simultaneously.


The setup for the Smoothwall box's web access [see Next Hyphenated section] 
i.e. has two NICs connected to the wireless router's ethernet ports.

For the Windows box to succeed in web access is to unplug Smoothwall's 
ethernet cables from the
wireless router, else they fail to connect.


The Smoothwall configuration is:


route -n
                        UH            eth0
                      UH            eth1
                            U               eth1
                            U               eth0
UG            eth0

hostname smoothie    =

DHCP Server ->    disabled

Default Security    ->    open [for now]

Network Configuration type ->    Green + Red

Driver & Cards
                            Green = Digital tulip                      eth0
                            Red    = RealTek RTL 8129/39    eth1    DHCP 
hostname = bellsouth.net

DNS & Gateway
                            dns nameservers =,
                            gateway             =


My goal is:

     to have all the computers having only NICs and no wireless cards that 
were on the former ethernet LAN,
     which include Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, Apple, etc.....as well as a few 
machines that now have wireless cards,
    ALL be protected by Smoothwall.

How can I attach an ethernet hub so that...
         machines without wireless cards, i.e. only NICs,
                ...and... the wireless enhanced Windows boxes....
ALL be protected by the wireless router, a Linksys Broadband-B 2.4 Gig with 
4 ethernet ports and 1 internet  ?

Any references that resolve this situation would need to be elementary as I 
obviously don't know what I'm doing   :-(
just what I want to do  :-)

Thanks to any and all,