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[ale] Best local atlanta place to buy pc hardware?

Ned Williams wrote:
> For what its worth Frys defiantly came as close as anyone else local 
> for matching online prices..While still higher than online vendors , 
> when you factor in shipping it came close. Of course if the need 
> wasn't based off a time constraint i.e. the fact the elves still don't 
> build pc's that wouldn't matter.
> Ned
I like to buy mother boards from Fry's even if I pay a bit more.  When I 
give them a few bucks to demonstrate it will post before I leave the 
store, I feel like I get my money's worth.  Nothing like having a bunch 
of parts show up from an online vendor, put them all together and find 
it doesn't work.  That's a hassle I can do without.