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[ale] Best local atlanta place to buy pc hardware?

Also see the CheapAtlantaHardware page on the ALE wiki.

I'm tryin' to keep it off google so I won't quote the URL, but you can find
it from the ALE page ( http://ale.org ) in the left-hand "ALE Resources"

-- CHS

2008/12/20 Ned Williams <nedj10 at gmail.com>

> Ale members I realize this question may be one of personal opinion but is
> there anyplace left in atlanta to buy hardware remotely near the same prices
> as you would find on Price Grabber or PriceWatch? Delta and Microcenter just
> do not even seem to compete on motherboards etc etc with the online
> retailers. Has affordable hardware gone the way of the dodo in the local
> market?
> thanks
> Ned Williasm
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