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[ale] Best local atlanta place to buy pc hardware?

Elves don't build computers?  So how did I get that Dell laptop clearly
marked as being "From: Santa Claus"?   Is the North Pole in the WTO?
I'd hate to think he's having to pay a tariff on imported goods.


Given the way my ThinkPad was acting in the months before it died
earlier this year I suspect it was from the Island of Misfit Toys.




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For what its worth Frys defiantly came as close as anyone else local for
matching online prices..While still higher than online vendors , when
you factor in shipping it came close. Of course if the need wasn't based
off a time constraint i.e. the fact the elves still don't build pc's
that wouldn't matter.

2008/12/22 Charles Shapiro <hooterpincher at gmail.com>

Also see the CheapAtlantaHardware page on the ALE wiki. 

I'm tryin' to keep it off google so I won't quote the URL, but you can
find it from the ALE page ( http://ale.org ) in the left-hand "ALE
Resources" area.

-- CHS

2008/12/20 Ned Williams <nedj10 at gmail.com>

Ale members I realize this question may be one of personal opinion but
is there anyplace left in atlanta to buy hardware remotely near the same
prices as you would find on Price Grabber or PriceWatch? Delta and
Microcenter just do not even seem to compete on motherboards etc etc
with the online retailers. Has affordable hardware gone the way of the
dodo in the local market?
Ned Williasm

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