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[ale] I've hit a rough wall, installin' Smoothwall :-)

Hi Courtney,

Let's approach the problem a step at a time.

1) Connect the machine running smoothwall directly to the internet. The
goal here is to connect your modem to the "red" NIC so that interface
has the public IP address given to you by your internet service provider
(eg If you have a cable modem this si probably as simple
as plugging it in. If you have a DSL modem from Bellsouth it may be set
up to act as a router; then you will need to figure out how to change it
to act as a bridge.

2) Configure your private network in smoothwall. I do not have any
experience doing this, but I imagine you assign a private IP address to
your "green" NIC (e.g., set up a DHCP server to listen on
your "green" NIC and assign a range of addresses (eg -, and tell smoothwall to forward traffic from "green" to

3) Connect your ethernet hub to the "green" interface. You should be
able to connect your machines with wired NICS to the hub and access the

4) DON'T connect your wireless router to the hub or maching running
smoothwall yet. Plug in just the power cord. Connect to it from your
windows laptop. Log in to the linksys web interface. Turn off the
linksys DHCP server. The linksys should have fields to set up internal
and external IP addresses. Do not set up an external address. Give it an
internal address on the same network as your smoothwall box (e.g. Save these settings and unplug the linksys. NOW connect
one of the 4 internal ethernet ports on the linksys to one of the ports
on your hub using a crossover cable. Plug the linksys power back in.
Your should be able to access the internet from your machines with wifi