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[ale] OT: Songbird rocks!

Funny - I can't hear out of my right ear so years ago when buying a TV
the salesman tried to dissuade me from the inexpensive model I'd chosen
by saying "It's not true stereo sound."  I responded that I don't hear
in stereo anyway to it didn't matter.   :-)

As for me I'm more of a hands on kind of guy - I'd prefer to buy
something I can walk away with from a bricks and mortar store than order
on line.  It's a lot easier to intimidate the putz that sold you a lemon
in person than it is on the phone.

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Jeff Lightner wrote:
> FYI - Brookstone which has many cool things has a turntable that will
> let you burn to CDs or MP3s or both (forgot the exact details) - I saw
> it last time I was strolling around the one at Towne Center Mall.

And you can probably get a functionally similar item a lot cheaper
almost anywhere else :-)  ThinkGeek used to have a USB turntable for
about $80, but I know I've seen less expensive ones.  Of course, I'm
not an audiophile (WhoTF cares if a speaker has a flat response at
25KHz? My ears only go to like 17KHz), so maybe my standards are
just way too low.

-- JK

I do not particularly want to go where the money is -
  it usually does not smell nice there. -- A. Stepanov
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