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[ale] OT: Songbird rocks!

Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Wed December 3 2008, Scott Castaline wrote:
>> Which version rhythmbox are you using? I have 0.11.6 and you can sort by
>> any column you have set to view. I can sort by date, personal ratings,
>> artist, album title, even genre. Just click on the column header and
>> everything will get sorted by that column like in nautilus.
> having no songs in my rythmbox database, it is hard to visualize what isn't 
> there, but I think I see what you mean. I had been using Banshee mostly, but 
> now, since I did import all my TUNES into songbird, I think I'll play with it 
> for a while..
I had ripped all of my CD's, according to Rhythmbox, my CD library is 
73.3 GB and would take 11 days, 10 hours and 22 minutes of non-stop play 
time. Now I plan to add in my Vinyl collection which is at least 10 
times my CD collection. Unfortunately, my old Sony turntable died, it 
does not maintain it's speed, and I had just put in a new cartridge and 
stylus. :^(