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[ale] OT: Songbird rocks!

Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Tue December 2 2008, Scott Castaline wrote:
>>> http://getsongbird.com/ 
>> Looks almost exactly like Rhythmbox.
>> ____________________________________________
> not exactly.. with songbird, you sort by genre-artist-album
> Rythmbox you sort by artist-album-(track-genre)
> but I see they both have lots of plugins, including last.fm & lyrics..
> I don't use Itunes, but I think this (songbird) looks like the Itunes 
> format...
Which version rhythmbox are you using? I have 0.11.6 and you can sort by 
any column you have set to view. I can sort by date, personal ratings, 
artist, album title, even genre. Just click on the column header and 
everything will get sorted by that column like in nautilus.