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[ale] Gone (totally) OT: Cobb Laptop Deal

aaron, I agree with you 100%, but I've seen enough traffic on ALE over
the past, uh, thirteen years or so to be able to say with great
certainty that this thread is going to end badly. God and politics are
two subjects that invariably lead to flamage, since there are a number
of fairly extreme conservatives on the list, as well as a bunch of
good old-fashioned liberals and a dollop of free-thinkers. (See, Linux
is a great unifying force.) Nothing wrong with that, except that this
isn't really the place for that kind of flamewar. (I'd suggest
ale-politics at kneuro.net, but that list has turned into a spam swamp,
even though nobody ever posts there. I'll probably kill it in the near
future. I think it died because people who post religious or political
rants aren't usually doing it to engage in rational argument, but
rather to impress the bystanders; and there were very few of those on


-- Joe Knapka