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[ale] Gone (totally) OT: Cobb Laptop Deal

On Friday 19 August 2005 02:18 pm, Mark Wright wrote:
| All were hoaxes. ?The amazing thing is that the ?
| Plitdown man, the lucy bones and others are still on display in ?
| museums even though they have been completely discredited. 

There have been numerous hoaxes such as the Piltdown Man.  But
Lucy is _not_ a hoax. Those bones were found by legit scientists.
Similar bones have been found by others in the same general area.
I do not believe you can cite a single peer-reviewed article that
"proves" Lucy was a hoax.
The bones later called "Lucy" were found in Ethiopia in the 1970s.
Enough of her pelvis and knee joint were found to show that she walked
erect. A hominid. She walked the land about 3 million years ago.
She would have been a bit shorter than modern African pygmies.
Although direct copies of this set of bones are on display, I believe
the original set is kept in a vault in Ethiopia.
And if the skull fragments of "Piltdown Man" is on display anywhere, it
is most certainly labeled as one of the more famous hoaxes. These skull
fragments were "discovered" 1910 - 1915. It wasn't until the early 1950s
that the hoax was confirmed. Every part of it was a forgery.


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