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[ale] Gone OT: Cobb Laptop Deal

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 19:24, Jim Popovitch wrote:
> Who the heck started this thread?  :-)
> I'm surprised this hasn't morphed into Intelligent Design vs Evolution
> yet?  :-)

Perhaps that's because there is not any real conflict between fanciful 
defenses of mystic mythology and the factual science which they inevitably 
affirm. :-)

By definition, the "intelligent design" philosophy argues that the 
complexities of  the universe and our human ingenuity are the self 
referential proof of an intelligent force underlying our existence.  As this 
assertion relies entirely on scientific inquiry to provide evidence for the 
complexity of the universe, it is nothing more than another argument for 
evolution. In the end, the I.D. philosophy cannot deny the ultimate 
intelligence of a life system design which has autonomously produced 
reasoning beings capable of  inventing and employing the scientific processes 
which, in kind, reveal the genius of design in the life mechanisms that 
underly their own existence and intelligence.

Stating it another way, if there were a Great Omnipotent Deity behind the 
existence of the universe, then the best argument for this ultimate 
intelligence would be a universe comprised entirely of the cyclic, self 
sustaining and evolutionary mechanisms that human science uncovers and 
explores. The perfect intelligent universe will allow that its all powerful 
creator need never lift a finger beyond the Big Bang; just light the fuse, 
pop a cold one, sit back and enjoy the fireworks!   There's nothing more 
elegantly intelligent than the idea of spark once, run forever!   If there is 
an omnipotent intelligence responsible for amazing clockworks of the 
universe, then human ingenuity is the end product by which the intelligence 
of their autonomous, perpetual and evolutionary designs can be acknowledged, 
and our intelligent processes of factual scientific discovery are the 
ultimate homage to their genius.


(because the only sane nation is a nation at peace)