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You've confused two definitions:


> a) Study the last 20 years of bind, sendmail, telnet, and login, and 
> note the common and different weaknesses and strengths in each. Look at 
> current software for similarities. Write a few valuable new programs for 
> others to test. Learn at least 5 languages. Contribute at least 1000 
> lines (each) to 5 different open-source projects. Start learning at 
> least 3 hardware platforms, and hand-solder your own boxes and create a 
> new platform, device, or machine. Write for several publications, attend 
> Usenix and friends. Trumpet your abilities.


> b) Rent lots of  movies like "Hackers" or "Sneakers" where it looks more 
> interesting than code folk reading and writing code. Download and run 
> someone else's software to "hack". Go to 2600 meetings, type poorly, and 
> brag about things that will get you put in jail. Wear lots of black, and 
> get a cool online handle like "DarkSlayer2k". Change someone's web page 
> and trumpet it like it's the second coming. Help out a friend with a 
> broken hard drive, brag about their inability. Attend DefCon 
> religiously. Play lots of 3D games. Hide.

Until later, Geoffrey                     Registered Linux User #108567
Building secure systems inspite of Microsoft

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