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> On Jan 29, 2004, at 3:41 PM, Van L. Loggins wrote:
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> > I gave this computer to my father but other than hiding the root 
> > account and setting up a regular account to use the system I didn't 
> > make any other changes.
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> > If anyone here has any questions or comments about Lindowsos let's 
> > hear em.
> I keep hearing that in Lindows you run as root.  Does the Click'n'run 
> thing work with non-root accounts?

Hi Jason,

The answer to this is yes,and no.

It will work for a non-root account but when you first log in it will prompt you for the root password as it uses Sudo to run it as root.

In order to get around this I had to leave the root password blank. not desirable on a production server, or as a workstation at a company, but ok
enough for a home environment. I know it's not very good security but if you think about it Windows XP does basically the same thing by allowing 
a user account to be a system admin by default unless the settings are changed. If you do this Click 'n' Run starts up and runs like normal when you
log into the system with a regular account. I think they should work on this issue or set it to where click n' run doesn't autostart when you first
log in but that's just my opinion.

Having had to do this, this is the reason I hid the root account on the KDE menu, as I turned on the user icons option to make it easier on my father
to use the system.

On another note, I found out yesterday that the guys at LindowsOS are going to start letting people download the Lindows LiveCD for free over all
of the Peer to Peer file sharing systems without fear of legal action.

this is pretty cool of em, sort of like suse letting folks download the live cd version they have. I can arrange for a copy of the it a copy to be
uploaded on a ftp site for ale members if anyone is interested.

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