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[ale] Indian outsourcing

On Jan 30, 2004, at 12:31 AM, Adam Levenstein wrote:
> --- "ChangingLINKS.com" <groups at ChangingLINKS.com> wrote:
>> Teach me to hack?


a) Study the last 20 years of bind, sendmail, telnet, and login, and 
note the common and different weaknesses and strengths in each. Look at 
current software for similarities. Write a few valuable new programs 
for others to test. Learn at least 5 languages. Contribute at least 
1000 lines (each) to 5 different open-source projects. Start learning 
at least 3 hardware platforms, and hand-solder your own boxes and 
create a new platform, device, or machine. Write for several 
publications, attend Usenix and friends. Trumpet your abilities.

b) Rent lots of  movies like "Hackers" or "Sneakers" where it looks 
more interesting than code folk reading and writing code. Download and 
run someone else's software to "hack". Go to 2600 meetings, type 
poorly, and brag about things that will get you put in jail. Wear lots 
of black, and get a cool online handle like "DarkSlayer2k". Change 
someone's web page and trumpet it like it's the second coming. Help out 
a friend with a broken hard drive, brag about their inability. Attend 
DefCon religiously. Play lots of 3D games. Hide.

The choice is yours.