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Write a program that will make you millions of dollars. This takes creativity. 
For the less creative folks, join Amway, and push it for 4 years with the 
same dedication and money you spent on your degree. Don't like Amway? There 
are thousands of opportunities to become financially independent - and there 
are just as many ways to do it via programming.
> ...That is my whole point.
> *chuckles*  

Your point is dull here. You highlight the reason behind my claim that "most 
programmers are not creative." You don't even have to be a good coder - you 
can just be someone slightly creative, intelligent, and ambitious. The tools 
for you to "play and win" the game are available *especially* for those of us 
in the US. It is ultra easy for us to create the financial future we desire. 
I trully believe that any one of us could come up with an idea that could 
make everyone on this list a millionare. The problem is most of us are 
chuckling right along side you. . .

> "The Game", as you so eloquently put it, is played by people that 
> have control of a few million dollars of other people's money.  One 
> doesn't "learn to play" it.  

The Game is played by everyone who exchanges time for money. 
Whether you use your own capital (like an entrepreneur) or use someone else's 
(like an entrepreneur) is irrelvant. You can learn to be financially free 
just as easily as you can learn to code. Once you learn that, you can start 
to learn how. Following that, get a strong "why," and shoot for a "when" and 
you WILL reach your goal.

> As a random example of "The Game" in action, did you know that Ford,
> General Motors, and Chrystler are not car companies?  They make the vast
> majority of their income on loans, which just so happen to be for cars 
> that they manufacture.

Sounds like you are implying that learning the finance game is a key to 
accumulating wealth. Good. Learn how. Start now. "If you fail to plan, you 
plan to fail."
Wishing you Happiness, Joy and Laughter,
Drew Brown
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