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On Tue, 2004-01-06 at 20:53, Christopher Bergeron wrote:
> Hi guys - I have a feeling this is an easy one; but I can't figure it out.
> I'm trying to link 2 lans over the internet using pppd.  I'm NOT trying 
> to tunnel it through SSH, however.  It's an odd configuration, and 
> security isn't an issue here, so I don't need the ssh tunnel.  
> Basically, I have 2 LANs that I want to link via PPP.  Each LAN has its 
> own static gateway address.  I'd like to link them together.  Both LANs 
> are numbered differently (ie. one is and the other is 
>  I'd like to link them as such:
> LAN1 ( - Gateway ( - Internet - Gateway 
> ( - LAN2 (
> I could easily handle the routing issues that are involved; however, I 
> just can't seem to find simple and straighforward info on how to do PPP 
> in this configuration.  The PPP howto has a 1 paragraph "chapter" on 
> linking LANs with PPP, but it simply says that the howto can show you 
> how to do it.  But it doesn't -  it only shows dialup/chat style PPP 
> connections.
> I just want to do a simple "pppd noauth ... " command that I can use to 
> create a link.
> Can anyone shed any light on this for me?
> Much thanks in advance,
> -CB
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