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[ale] linking 2 lans via PPP ?

Hi guys - I have a feeling this is an easy one; but I can't figure it out.

I'm trying to link 2 lans over the internet using pppd.  I'm NOT trying 
to tunnel it through SSH, however.  It's an odd configuration, and 
security isn't an issue here, so I don't need the ssh tunnel.  
Basically, I have 2 LANs that I want to link via PPP.  Each LAN has its 
own static gateway address.  I'd like to link them together.  Both LANs 
are numbered differently (ie. one is and the other is  I'd like to link them as such:

LAN1 ( - Gateway ( - Internet - Gateway 
( - LAN2 (

I could easily handle the routing issues that are involved; however, I 
just can't seem to find simple and straighforward info on how to do PPP 
in this configuration.  The PPP howto has a 1 paragraph "chapter" on 
linking LANs with PPP, but it simply says that the howto can show you 
how to do it.  But it doesn't -  it only shows dialup/chat style PPP 

I just want to do a simple "pppd noauth ... " command that I can use to 
create a link.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Much thanks in advance,