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You can create ethX:Y where X is your real interface and Y is the
interface you want to create, such as eth0:1. Treat it just like a real
interface, with its own IP and everything. 

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Thus Spake Mike Millson &lt;mmillson at meritonlinesystems.com&gt;:
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 23:50:11 -0500

&gt; How do you get multiple IP addresses on a single box? For example, if I
&gt; want to host 10 different websites on a single box, and each website has
&gt; its own IP address. I have pppoe DSL with dedicated IP addresses. Is
&gt; this something that can be handled with IP multicasting with a single
&gt; NIC? Or is there some sort of hardware solution?
&gt; Thank you,
&gt; Mike
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